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Gone are the days of analog versus digital watch debate. Who needs a watch when you have a smartphone that tells you more than just the time!

That being said, despite the watches being replaced by smartphones, many people are still fond of them. This led to the release of smartwatches, i.e., watches that are even smarter than smartphones.


Men's Smartwatches

Men's smartwatches were the first ones to be released in the market and instantly took the world by the storm. The large screen and stylish build of the watch add more to the charm and sophistication of a man's personality!

There are numerous highly-advanced features offered by men’s smartwatches, such as voice search; navigation guidance for walking and driving; breaking news and weather alerts; email, chat, and text response features; music; book reading; and colorful interchangeable band, etc. 


Women's Smartwatches

Although women’s smartwatches weren’t the first ones to be launched, their features and elegant designs have more than just made up for it. These smartwatches aren’t any different from the ones worn by men.

However, they do happen to have a few additional features specific and relevant only to women.

Some of the main features in women's smartwatches include health tracking features such as sleep and stress monitoring; time & date display; smartphone notifications; music controls; pedometer; activity tracking features for yoga, swimming, and gym workouts; and several others.

In addition to this, the smaller screen and thinner wrists of the smartwatches make them ideal to be worn by women. They are light in weight and efficiently designed to enhance the beauty and elegance of the wearer’s wrist.


Activity & Fitness Trackers

Activity and fitness trackers can be defined as smartwatches specifically designed to track the wearer's physical activities and fitness.

Some of the key features you'd want to have in your activity and fitness tracker are GPS tracking, swimming support, movement reminders, fitness coaching, heart rate monitoring, smartphone integration, exercise recognition, and pedometer, etc.



Just like all the other smart devices available on the market, smartwatches also have certain accessories you might want to get your hands on. Some of these accessories are given as under:


Watch Stand

A watch stand not only helps you keep your smartwatch out of harm’s way when you are not wearing it but also looks very stylish when showcasing its class and elegance. Watch stands are available in various colors and styles.


Charging Stand

Smart devices need to be handled with care especially when they are being charged. Even the slightest tug or stretch could end up severely damaging your smartwatch. The charging stand serves as a hybrid version of a smartwatch charger and stand. It consists of multiple charging ports as well as a spot to place your smartwatch on while it’s charging. 



Having multiple watch bands allows you to match your watch with your look and attire. You can also change the bands based on your mood or color preferences. This way, you can customize the look of your smartwatch according to your taste.


Watch Case

A watch case is used to store your smartwatch when it is not being used by you. It is designed to keep your smartwatch safe from any unwanted damage or accidental breakage.


Screen Protector

Just like any other smart device, the screen of your smartwatch needs to be protected. A screen protector protects your smartwatch’s screen from getting scratched or receiving severe damage either due to negligence or by accident.

When all is said and done, a smartwatch gives you a break from having to carry your smartphone around at all times no matter where you are. Moreover, it helps you keep track of your health and fitness which is something we all need these days. However, before choosing a smartwatch for yourself, research, and compare the various features offered by different smartwatch brands. Assess your needs and financial limitations, choose the right watch, and go through with the purchase.

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